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  • Maybe this is interesting for future versions of Cloudron?

    Kraken is a P2P-powered Docker registry that focuses on scalability and availability. It is designed for Docker image management, replication, and distribution in a hybrid cloud environment. With pluggable backend support, Kraken can easily integrate into existing Docker registry setups as the distribution layer.

  • Easier, faster dev for sure.

    Then integrate it all into a CloudronAppDevContainerw/Sysbox so we can build new apps safely in production.

  • Makes me start to think of other use cases for p2p interaction between Cloudron instances… 🌈

  • @yusf I’d be very interested in this, I was hoping Cloudron would already have a private Docker registry app but doesn’t seem like it yet. I’m looking to use Cloudron for development and I think that would be the missing piece for me.

  • App Dev

    @adrw There's a good reason why there isn't : the docker registry protocol needs the whole domain reserved for it alone. So, to have both a registry and some kind of web interface for it, a Cloudron app would need at least 2 domains, which cloudron does not support.

  • App Dev

    @mehdi said in Kraken P2P Docker registry:

    So, to have both a registry and some kind of web interface for it, a Cloudron app would need at least 2 domains

    That depends on the registry ui. for example can proxy the actual access to the registry. But it still has its downside, like for example only supporting basic auth (so no chance to connect it to Cloudrons ldap).

  • App Dev

    @fbartels "Basic auth" is only what happens between the browser and the server. The server can verify a request that uses basic auth against any authentication back-end, including an LDAP server. I actually did something similar for the Transmission in my River app: as Transmission also uses basic-auth, the various mobile-apps & browser extension need it to work, so I had to accept it for them to work. This UI makes me wanna try to package a docker registry for cloudron... I'll have to dig deeper into how it works 🙂