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  • When a new App is installed, it auto-switches back to the My Apps view.

    Often I'd rather install multiple apps without leaving the App Store.

    Option 1 - on the app install screen, add a checkbox to install another app.

    Option 2 - allow multiple app selection from the store.

    Option 3 - make it a setting for admins

  • @robi Installing apps from the store en masse can't be common. I think rn it's flow is best for an average user, but it could be a little more mobile app store like with an "installing" progress bar while you discover other apps, and then it pops up with "installed, click to open" or something via Notifications. I could see it, but again - installing apps isn't common enough I don't think to worry about this since installing is a one-time task.

    But I'm glad you brought it up because it would add a bit of polish to have a more "app store" feel to it. Still allowing app discovery while an app's installing. I think Cloudron should be able to do that one day even if it doesn't feel like a priority rn.