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Add app specific password config in app settings

  • Right now, if you want to add an app specific password, you need to go to Profile > App passwords.

    It's not discoverable and it's out of the app context.

    I'd like to suggest to move this to the app settings, under Access Controls, for example.

    It would then allow to create app specific passwords for the current app only.

  • Staff

    I think there were two reasons for it being in the profile. First more obvious one, non-admins don't have access to the app configuration screen in the first place. Second one is that they user specific as well as app specific, so they could be in both places, but since they are personal to that extent, I think they belong in the profile.

  • I can see use-cases both ways.

    Perhaps the existing should be named "User App Passwords", and @ruihildt's suggestion is "System App Passwords"?

  • @nebulon users don't get an App configuration menu. Only admins do.

  • Staff

    @marcusquinn that would be an option, but so far we don't have system app passwords and I am not sure I really see an additional benefit in adding those.

  • An admin password can be so problematic if obtained that I think having the feature more prominently visible and accessible would be a win.

    Could we imagine it being an admin only feature? (I'm not convinced myself, just asking the question^^)


    Thinking aloud about passwords, there are one or two use cases where shared app passwords could make sense:

    • there's a discussion with @girish about sharing mailbox, I could imagine a shared mailbox could get its own password. (Thus making it separate from user account, and arguably conceptually separated from personal profile )
    • sharing app which are not made for multiusers but are useful also shared, like Trilium and Firefly III

    At this point, I don't think the case is strong enough to be worth the hassle.

  • @ruihildt I'd say discuss this with @girish. IIRC, he was very for "App Setting" tab consolidation.

  • Staff

    I am not sure what exactly the discussion now is. System wide app passwords or so don't exist. Per user, per app passwords is what we have. Since this feature is also useful for non-admins, I don't see why it would not belong to the profile view as it is now. Adding it to app configuration view does not make it any more clearer in my view.

  • @nebulon My bad, I created a discussion in the discussion because I felt it was loosely related to password management.