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  • If the logs contain long log lines and one moves the browser window to see them, each new log line reset the view, which isn't helpful.

    Please refresh logs without resetting page position horizontal scroll.

  • Staff

    I agree this is no ideal, so once you vertically scroll a bit, the position should not be reset anymore. I haven't figured how to only scroll horizontally while following logs.

  • @nebulon Since new log lines inject and start from left to right, that seems to reset the view as it follows the cursor focus at least initially?

    There are other log windows where this doesn't occur. How are they different?

    Another thought is that perhaps by adding a transparent layer on top of the logs, it will allow the window to remain static but have logs keep coming.

    An improvement idea would be to have the log windows function more like less -F which can be cancelled and then searched via / and other useful less commands.

  • I use Byobu F7 key to freeze the terminal log move up (pgup) and down (pgdown) in the log, works really great, you then ESC to escape the freeze and back to last log line, works nicely

  • @rmdes nice, and I use ctrl-a+[ in screen to do the same, but that doesn't apply here talking about logs from the Cloudron GUI 😉

  • @robi Whoops indeed, I was lost in between terminals :))