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  • Gogs - Package Updates

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    Update Gogs to 0.13.0 Full changelog Support using personal access token in the password field. #3866 An unlisted option is added when create or migrate a repository. Unlisted repositories are public but not being listed for users without direct access in the UI. #5733 New API endpoint PUT /repos/:owner/:repo/contents/:path for creating and update repository contents. #5967 New configuration option [git.timeout] DIFF for customizing operation timeout of git diff. #6315 New configuration option [server] SSH_SERVER_MACS for setting list of accepted MACs for connections to builtin SSH server. #6434 New configuration option [repository] DEFAULT_BRANCH for setting default branch name for new repositories. #7291 New configuration option [server] SSH_SERVER_ALGORITHMS for specifying the list of accepted key exchange algorithms for connections to builtin SSH server. #7345 Support specifying custom schema for PostgreSQL. #6695 Support rendering Mermaid diagrams in Markdown. #6776 Docker: Allow passing extra arguments to the backup command. #7060 New languages support: Mongolian, Romanian. #6510 #7082 The required Go version to compile source code changed to 1.18. Access tokens are now stored using their SHA256 hashes instead of raw values. #7008 Unable to use LDAP authentication on ARM machines. #6761 Unable to choose "Lookup Avatar by mail" in user settings without deleting custom avatar. #7267 Mistakenly include the "data" directory under the custom directory in the Docker setup. #7343 Unable to start after data recovery with an outdated migration version. #7125
  • Use GitHub as a Gogs Mirror

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    @b1nar10 if there is also hook support in gogs, then this could be helpful to you. It's how I'm mirroring repos from my gitea to GitHub.

  • what is the root password?

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    (what @arshsahzad said) but the username/password appears in a popup dialog immediately after install. But if you dismissed it by mistake, you can find this from the first time setup instructions:


  • Questions about Cloudron Gogs Config File Settings

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    All excellent information. Thanks! I was able to get everything set up the way I wanted. And MUCH easier than the standalone installation. As a fan of self-hosted, I'm really enjoying Cloudron.

  • Unable to pull/push repo over SSH

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    Thanks, now I understand