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    @girish This is an interesting observation. I was just looking to see if this was a real security threat or not, and I suppose it isn't but can offer a bit more privacy using the wildcard approach. Any particular reason why the Let's Encrypt wildcard support can't be done through the actual Cloudron wildcard DNS approach? Is there a way to support this? I'd really like to take advantage of a smaller DNS provider which has some great monitoring features included, but it isn't supported via any API by Cloudron yet, so if I go that route I can only use the Wildcard option, but those don't actually allow for the wildcard certificates.

    Edit: Nevermind, I see why in the docs: "Let's Encrypt only allows obtaining wildcard certificates using DNS automation. Cloudron will default to obtaining wildcard certificates when using one of the programmatic DNS API providers."

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    Oh I pasted the wrong link apparently, fixed it now.