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    @nebulon Yeah I went so far to migrate to a fresh ubuntu installation to find out if there is something wrong on a system level but that didn't help either. Moving to an external drive did work though for some reason. But that's not what I want since that is a much more expensive solution…

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    I tried this exact same setup. I was able to connect to the storage via SFTP and my SSH key and I copied my private SSH key as instructed to Cloudron.

    When I now try to save the backup settings using SSHFS it keeps working and never finishes. The log says

    Jan 14 11:40:33 box:shell addMount spawn: /usr/bin/sudo -S /home/yellowtent/box/src/scripts/ [Unit]\nDescription=backup\n\nRequires=unbound.service\nAfter=unbound.service\nBefore=docker.service\n\n\n[Mount]\\nWhere=/mnt/cloudronbackup\nOptions=allow_other,port=23,IdentityFile=/home/yellowtent/platformdata/sshfs/,StrictHostKeyChecking=no,reconnect\nType=fuse.sshfs\n\n[Install]\\n\n 10 Jan 14 11:40:44 box:shell addMount (stdout): Failed to mount Jan 14 11:40:44 box:shell addMount code: 3, signal: null Jan 14 11:42:04 box:shell removeMount spawn: /usr/bin/sudo -S /home/yellowtent/box/src/scripts/ /mnt/cloudronbackup

    Not sure what else I can try.

    Edit: magically and waiting one night it works now.

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    I would recommend you to use WebDAV instead of CIFS
    it will be faster as WebDAV is more modern and appropriate for extended network (non LAN).