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Grafana - metric & analytic dashboard

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    from the app missing form

  • This would be awesome!

  • This would be excellent

  • An initial skeletal packaging of Grafana is up at and everything works as expected. There's an outstanding issue around outgoing mail for notifications...details are on the chat server...but essentially, it's waiting on a fix to STARTTLS handling in the mail add-on. After that's fixed, this should be pretty much ready to move forward.

    So far:

    • Cloudron LDAP for SSO works and Cloudron admins are automatically mapped as Grafana admins
    • App settings are stored in a postgres database
    • Provision for user-specified configuration by environment variables set in /app/data/env
    • Ability to add plugins to /app/data/plugins
      • A thin wrapper for grafana-cli is also provided and set first in PATH - this also allows simply opening the terminal and pasting the grafana-cli commands from the plugins directory to work as expected
    • Installs and uses the new grafana-image-renderer plugin automatically (no "using phantomJS" deprecation warnings)

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