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guacamole remote desktop

  • @fbartels I am seeing an issue with guacd it displays when you try to connect with SSH or RDP etc.

    guacd[88]: WARNING:     Support for protocol "ssh" is not installed

    Not sure what is going on but if you are willing and able to help I a fresh pair of eyes might be good!

    also off topic, your live stream on Sunday was awesome!!

  • @ultraviolet hm.. the configure shows that ssh support should be enabled, though. But I must say that I am already at a loss at creating connections inside of guacamole.

    Thanks for the praise on the stream.

  • @fbartels yup confused myself on that. It is not the most user friendly GUI but works quite well.

  • Staff

    @ultraviolet Oh wow, this is awesome! I will take a look at your repo in a day or two and try to get the package published. What are the pending issues?

  • @girish there are a few pending issues like you can't connect to anything! So I need a bit more time to look into it. Will take any help from anyone as something is not building correctly inside the container.

  • I am kind of stuck and could use some collective help on this. guacd which does all the connections to SSH or RDP etc reports this:

    uacd[96]: INFO:        Connection ID is "$77091946-4e22-473d-8ab9-2432f77afc71"
    guacd[98]: WARNING:     **Support for protocol "ssh" is not installed**
    guacd[98]: DEBUG:       Requesting termination of client...
    guacd[98]: DEBUG:       Client terminated successfully.
    guacd[96]: INFO:        Connection "$77091946-4e22-473d-8ab9-2432f77afc71" removed.
    guacd[96]: INFO:        Creating new client for protocol "ssh"
    guacd[96]: INFO:        Connection ID is "$8897ed6b-2667-46d5-a2f0-53e465eb7cc8"
    guacd[103]: WARNING:    **Support for protocol "ssh" is not installed**
    guacd[103]: DEBUG:      Requesting termination of client...
    guacd[103]: DEBUG:      Client terminated successfully.
    guacd[96]: INFO:        Connection "$8897ed6b-2667-46d5-a2f0-53e465eb7cc8" removed.

    When the image is built I can see it knows it's there to install but really stuck. Is there anyone that could pull the repo and have a look if anyone has sometime?


  • I packaged guacamole a long time ago and have been using it ever sense but didn't publish it or suggest to publish it cause i was using the incubator release. feel free to take a look at my repo too if you would like a compare?

  • @doodlemania2 thanks I might have used it for the base of mine but will double check!

  • I'm taking a look now

    Edit: I built the current repo mentioned by OP - My error is that WebSocket is not working properly.

  • odd never got that error was always the ssh module was not installed. Going to take a another shot it later.

  • Been using this a lot over the years - some insights from that:

    1. It's as fast as JumpDesktop or similar. If there are ever any speed issues they will be the VPN or network setup (we use pfSense).
    2. It's a god-send for managing and distributing RDC credentials and managing access permissions with a team, especially compared to sharing and re-sharing .rdp files or PrivateBin copy/paste/messaging any time addresses change.
    3. You can make a handy Electron WebApp for this (or anything) with
    4. The easiest way to give ChromeOS users RDC.
    5. I like Paperspace for cheap Windows VMs but this is a bit lighter and faster for connecting to many VMs across multiple providers.

  • @plusone-nick For interest on that use-case, I've recently been playing with which includes co-browsing in the paid subscription, more appropriate to companies with a budget though.

    This FOSS Chat App seems to include co-browsing though:

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