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  • Regarding and this tutorial : it could be great to add for every DAV server embeded app (Nxtcloud, SOGo, etc..) the registery of DNS DAV indication.

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    This is interesting. Do webdav clients automatically pick these up? It's the first time I am hearing of these DNS records.

  • @girish Yeah, by example the android client can retrieve it automatically.

  • Glad I found this. For reference, I set up the following records for a standard Cloudron install with active E-Mail handling and Nextcloud dealing with Card- and CalDAV.

    $DOMAIN = main domain handled by Cloudron (i.e.
    NEXTCLOUD = cloud.$DOMAIN (i.e.

    TXT$DOMAIN "path=/remote.php/dav" 
    TXT$DOMAIN "path=/remote.php/dav" 
    SRV	_sieve._tcp.$DOMAIN my.$DOMAIN - PORT 4190
    SRV	_autodiscover._tcp.$DOMAIN my.$DOMAIN - PORT 443
    CNAME	autodiscover.$DOMAIN - my.$DOMAIN.
    SRV	_carddavs._tcp.$DOMAIN cloud.$DOMAIN - PORT 443
    SRV	_carddav._tcp.$DOMAIN cloud.$DOMAIN - PORT 80
    SRV	_caldav._tcp.$DOMAIN cloud.$DOMAIN - PORT 80
    SRV	_caldavs._tcp.$DOMAIN cloud.$DOMAIN - PORT 443
    SRV	_submission._tcp.$DOMAIN my.$DOMAIN - PORT 587
    SRV	_imaps._tcp.$DOMAIN my.$DOMAIN - PORT 993


    • _submission._tcp, _imaps._tcp, _autodiscover._tcp (as well as autodiscover CNAME) and _sieve._tcp are valid for any installation where E-Mail for a domain is handled by Cloudron. These records help clients (Thunderbird, Smartphone Mail Apps, etc) to automatically discover the correct IMAP/SMTP Hostnames + Ports. In most cases, with these records set you can have Thunderbird automatically configure your Mailaccount by simply giving the mail address (e.g.
    • _carddav*/_caldav* SRV Records should be set by the respective Apps dealing with the protocols (Sogo, Nextcloud, etc) as the redirection should be pointed to the App's subdomain
    • _caldavs/_carddavs* TXT Records should also be set by the respective Apps, as they instruct DAV clients where to find the concrete path DAV-Requests are handled (does the same as .well_known on the webserver; according to some docs and posts in the internet, these records (SRV+TXT) are required for MacOS/iOS clients to correctly discover and connect)

    There are certainly more things that can be done with this. In general, this is a massive UX plus. DavDroid and Thunderbird both are able to automatically connect and discover everything needed by simply providing the $USER@$DOMAIN E-Mail adress during account setup. Will test more clients today, but I'm sure many follow these standards.

  • 👍 for this. PITA doing manually.

  • Worth adding the above handy info this this page:

    And maybe another page specifically for *dav services?

  • Staff

    @marcusquinn I like the idea of atleast just adding a doc page for the moment on how to do this manually till we implement the feature. I will add it our docs.