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SOLVED Please update Docker on the Cloudron buildserver

  • App Dev

    When executing cloudron build then instructions from more recent Docker version like multi-stage builds or simply copying data from another existing Docker image fail, e.g.:

    Step 9/12 : COPY --from=mprasil/bitwarden:1.7.0 /web-vault /app/code/web-vault
    Unknown flag: from
    Build failed
    Build failed
    ERROR App could not be built due to errors above [ /usr/lib/node_modules/cloudron/src/helper.js:68:29 ]

    Multistage builds or the possibility to copy artifacts from existing images (instead of compiling everything from scratch on top of the cloudron base image) reduce the size for additional layers and could greatly ease app development.

  • App Dev

    I believe this is a known issue. They might be working on it already.

  • App Dev

    @murgero yes, I brought this up already in the bitwarden topic, but since this could be helpful in other scenarios I wanted to post it on its own.

  • Staff

    @murgero @fbartels It's updated now to 18.09.2. Thanks!

  • App Dev

    Thanks @girish!

    With the above dockerfile cloudron build now succeeds.

    I have a longer train ride on friday, maybe I can make something happen with bitwarden during it.