LAMP does not activate locales?

  • I installed MRBS with a LAMP application, it works fine. However, the dates are not displayed in French while the rest of the localization works. The locales are not activated in the container LAMP. Is there a workaround?

    MRBS is a free, GPL, web application using PHP and MySQL/pgsql for booking meeting rooms or other resources.

  • In the .htaccess file in the public folder, add the following line to the top. (If the .htaccess file does not exist, create it.)

    Then add:

    php_value date.timezone 'Europe/Paris'

    Of course, change the region to the one you need (I assumed Europe/Paris because you said French date. (Also, in that application, if you were talking about the dates not being displayed in the french language, it might not translate dates, or the french translation is not complete.)

  • It doesn't work any better. The timezone is configured in my application and the French translation is correct. On another server (except Cloudron) MRBS works without any problem. In fact, PHP setlocale has no effect.

    Cloudron terminal:

    # locale -a

    Another server:

    % locale -a

  • @jeau Maybe you can fork the LAMP app and add the locales to it you need?

  • @jeau you are right no other locales are setup within the app package. We have to add this, maybe even in the app base image, so all apps have it.

    I have created an issue at

    @murgero please do not recommend creating forks of app packages, since that also means that any installation from the fork won't easily get updates.

  • @nebulon who said anything about him installing the fork, beyond testing forking allows for others to contribute to the open source project. He could have done the work to add the locales and you test and accept the merge request when it's done. Everybody benefits from forking. I should have been a bit more clear on that.

  • thanks @murgero & @nebulon

    Okay, I could try to propose a solution before reporting the problem!
    I could also ask on this forum

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