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Need suggestion on Amazon S3

  • Hi folks,

    I am trying to give my users storage space. My current server storage space is limited.

    I found a article to use Amazon S3 as mounted folder.

    I am on Hetzner, they also offer storage space via ftp. So that's another option for me.

    Wondering on what I folders I need to move cloudron, so that my users can enjoy X amount of space. Of course. I am hoping, there is some sort of user quota on cloudron. I have not experimented at that level as yet.

    Thanks for any other ideas that pop in your head.


  • You will need to setup the S3 first, then setup Cloudron.

    Setup S3 but the folder should mount where docker would store it's volume files.

  • Depending on in which apps you want to make this storage available there are different strategies. Personally I would not want to mount something using fuse into the filesystem without cloudron being directly aware of it.

    In case you are using Nextcloud you can configure "external storage" within it. This external storage can be on S3 or other protocols.

  • Staff

    As @fbartels mentioned, S3 is not at all suitable for filesystem usage, a fuse layer to paint over it would also not help. Since you are already on hetzner, you could maybe take a look at their storage box offerings and mount those via nfs or smb/cifs.

    Also we haven't had good experience with the external storage support in Nextcloud, especially not with S3. It results in a lot of I/O operations against S3, which in turn quickly becomes a cost issue, since S3 charges not only for disk space.

  • Thanks @fbartels @nebulon @murgero

    I am going to take a look at Hetzner storage boxes. It limits me to 10 TB max. In future if you guys can add quota system per user or app. That would be great.

  • Staff

    We have wasabi support coming up in the next release.

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