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What's coming in 4.1

  • Any updates on the release? Looking forward to these features.

  • Staff

    @tamayers Yup, we started rolling it out yesterday. As you probably know, we roll it out very slowly. So it should be available to mid next-week. If you want it earlier, ping @girish or @nebulon on the chat.

  • Update looks good, thanks! The app list look customization are useful for easing the experience for normal users. Currently that customization encroaches on the admin view: they can no longer quickly see what app is actually running:

    I propose adding more information on each item. For example:
    Group Copy.png Group Copy.png

    Also, is it really necessary to restart the whole app when giving it a label or icon?

  • @girish said in What's coming in 4.1:

    Customizable app data directory - this will allow you to mount an external disk (like a DO block storage) and make an app use that storage block.

    This is neat! Does this mean I'll be able to have a Nextcloud instance on my Cloudron that uses a 3rd party storage, such as S3?

  • What happened to Allow embedding from the following site setting?

  • Staff

    @yusf We removed that feature because it doesn't work in modern browsers. They have all moved to use CSP. We will add support for that in a future release.

  • Staff

    @thetomester13 said in What's coming in 4.1:

    This is neat! Does this mean I'll be able to have a Nextcloud instance on my Cloudron that uses a 3rd party storage, such as S3?

    Unfortunately, this feature didn't make it to the final release. But the idea here is that you can attach an external hard disk (like say DO Block Storage) and use that as the data directory of next cloud.

  • @girish This is wrong. It was working like a charm for example with the Nextcloud addon "External Sites". Since the update you broke that feature for me on 2 cloudrons I host and I'm not happy about that since I have to explain it to my users who throw tickets at me. It's never a good idea to remove a feature that does not really need to be removed, just to replace it sometime in the future.

    2019-06-17 17_00_38-Mail - _nextcloud.png

  • Staff

    @subven Oh, really sorry about that! When I mean feature was "removed", what has happened is that the UI is hidden. The database field etc is all still there. I wonder what in the update broke it. Let me test this and get back.

  • Staff

    @subven I gave this a try now and I am able to embed sites using that plugin just fine. Note that the setting used to control who can embed a site and not what can be embedded into an app. The plugin does the latter which is/was not controlled by Cloudron. Please open a new forum topic and write to support if this is still an issue and we can help debug further.

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