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SOLVED How does one remove mailbox data?

  • When deleting a mailbox, I get the following message: "After deletion, emails to this mailbox will bounce. Note that the mailbox data is not removed."

    How do I completely get rid of all history of that account and it's corresponding data? What I had was while testing and now have settled on, and want to remove from the server while ensuring the catch-all is set to so that emails addressed to the still carry over to However the way the message is worded, it almost seems like email to will bounce instead of progressing in the form of catch-all to

    Can you please clarify how this works exactly, and if anything further needs to be done to remove the mailbox data itself from email1?

  • This should also be very important in view of adhering to the dsgvo laws.

  • Staff

    Removing a mailbox essentially tells the email server not to accept emails for that mailbox anymore.

    The way "Catch all" works is that if a mailbox bounces, then it will deliver it to an alternate/catch-all mailbox.

    In your case, you removed This means that the mail server will not accept mails for that anymore. Which in turn means that if you have a catch-all address set, those emails will get delivered there. So, it's going to work just as you expected.

    What the message is trying to say is that if you had some emails in the mailbox, then you have to remove that from the server manually. This is done by deleting the directory /home/yellowtent/boxdata/mail/vmail/ I will add this to our docs.

  • @girish Is there a way to check what data is there and can be deleted? I think I have deleted emails, but never thought the data would stay there.

  • Staff

    @ruihildt This is not for deleting emails but for deleting a whole mailbox. If email is deleted, they are gone forever. You can see all the mailboxes under /home/yellowtent/boxdata/mail/vmail.