[Feature Request] rspamd for spam filtering?

  • Is this a possibility? It includes a decent web UI for managing spam as well. Any thoughts?


  • I did looks into rspamd couple of years back but it was in active development. Looks like it's stabilized a lot more now, I will give it another look. I have never been happy with SA mostly because I found it very hard to configure.

  • For what it's worth, I have used Rspamd as part of a server I hosted using the Hardware/Mailserver docker containers, and out of the box it was a huge improvement to spam filtering for me. Unfortunately since moving to Cloudron's mail server, I'm getting way more spam going straight to my inbox with no real way of configuring it further either. Would love to see this improved, and Rspamd may be a big piece of the puzzle if my previous experience is anything to go by.

  • @d19dotca Are you training spam assassin by marking mails as spam - https://cloudron.io/documentation/email/#marking-emails-as-spam . It need atleast 50 to get going. (this is of course unrelated to the fact that spam filtering is not that great as it is right now).

  • Yes I am, and it doesn't seem to do anything at all for me that I've noticed. I see maybe one message get caught by the spam filter and moved to Spam automatically. I move spam messages manually from my Inbox to the default Spam folder created when a new mail account is created, and I haven't seen it make any difference at all.

    I receive a lot of spam (roughly 10-20 a day) due to a very old email account that's been scraped off the Internet for many years now, so the Spam folder is typically hundreds of spam messages there after a couple of weeks. It definitely has more than it needs to learn from, but in my experience it hasn't learnt anything at all as I have to still manually move almost every spam message from my Inbox to the spam folder manually as they aren't getting caught. From my look at the Mail logs, it does seem that some are getting caught by the blacklist check, but they seem to be few and far between, most seem to make it anyways as they don't get flagged with the blacklist check (new spambots I guess).

  • @d19dotca Did you come from Mailcow? I did. The mail system is decent enough in cloudron and has the features I need. However, rspamd would be an amazing asset to consider in Cloudron.

  • @murgero No, I came from hardware/mailserver docker containers, which is located here for reference: https://github.com/hardware/mailserver

    It was one of the best mail server suites I had hosted. I moved to Cloudron for saving money as I no longer wanted to have a dedicated mail server when I had to have one for Cloudron too, and while it's been a good experience overall I can't seem to get the spam filtering to work at all off my marked spam messages from the spam folder. It seems to block some at the SMTP level when it receives a message that's on the blacklist, however it seems like it's completely not capable of learning anything from my spam folder. Most messages are very similar in subject, content, format, etc. There are 193 messages in my Spam folder right now since just July 12th, so just over half a month. Almost every single one of those originally ended up in my inbox, several a day, that I have to manually move over to the Spam folder in hopes of it learning it.

    It's always possible something is wrong in my install maybe, and I'm happy to troubleshoot that, but in my personal experience SpamAssassin really isn't as effective as Rspamd from the different mail servers I've hosted over the years. Once I moved to Rspamd, it was as if it caught 98% of my spam and they showed up in the Spam folder as desired. Right now I'd say maybe 5% show up in my spam folder under the Cloudron mail server. 😞

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