Manual coturn install for Nextcloud?

  • I have seen that there is already a app wishlist entry for a turn server for Nextcloud Talk. Has anyone been able to install anything manually in the meantime so that webrtc can work on Nextcloud Talk? Either on the cloudron server directly - or on another server?

    It's a bit of a blocker for us at the moment. We could setup Nextcloud & a turn server on Ubuntu directly without cloudron, but as we're a small NGO, cloudron is a much easier solution to support without a dedicated IT department.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

  • The Matrix app comes with a TURN server built-in, which should be of guidance if implemented into the Nextcloud app.

  • The Nextcloud forum has a decent guide & the official Nextcloud VM has an install script available.

    Would be ok to manually install coturn on the Cloudron server as per their instructions? If so, how would I open the coturn port on the server without messing up any cloudron security?

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