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  • Hallo Cloudron Team,

    Joomla war schon öfters als APP gewünscht. Ist Joomla mittlerweile in Planung? Wie ist der Stand dazu?


  • Staff

    Hi @fisi

    there are actually no real plans to support joomla as such. I have talked to one of the devs some time ago and give how Cloudron treats apps it is likely better to run joomla simply within the lamp app. Joomla as such is more like a framework rather than an app to that point.

    Of course if some joomla experts have better ideas how to maybe still create a sensible app package for Cloudron, where updates/restores can be safe, I am happy to do that.


  • Hi @nebulon .. Joomla is a framework for websites in the same way that Wordpress is a framework for websites. Both are LAMP stack middleware tools for managing blogs/sites, and are used interchangeably for large and small websites of all kinds. I recommend officially supporting Joomla in the same way Wordpress is supported. Last time I checked Joomla is the most popular website CMS after Wordpress using on the internet today. ( reference: )