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SOLVED Ghost updates failed, had to use a 2 week old backup

  • App Dev

    @vjvanjungg said in Ghost updates failed, had to use a 2 week old backup:

    Hi @scooke I just wanted to ask from your experience running Ghost on Cloudron, have you ever run into the issue “503. Site is starting up...” like this one:

    How’s it going until this backup issue? I really want something a bit stable to lean on. Cloudron seems really cool. Many thanks!

    You should start your own thread, but it looks like to me the site is still trying to start up.... Let it do it's thing, it might take a few minutes on first launch.

  • Staff

    Just wanted to confirm that there does seem to be some issue with the ghost package starting with version 2.25.0. Working on a fix.

  • @vjvanjungg Hi. No, I haven't run into this. There has been only one other instance of a problem, but I can't recall what it was, but I believe it was related to Ghost versions upgrading. FWIW, the new native Ghost install and update method was super easy and convenient when I was running it on a separate VPS, but Cloudron is just so amazing in so many ways I decided to export my Ghost blogs and import them to my Cloudron VPS and host them here.

  • @girish Ok, I've restored from a backup running 2.25.0 and things are running fine. I had already done that once, but Cloudron decided to auto-update it again and it was borked. I've re-restored and everything is fine. Thank goodness for thos backups!

    PS: How do I earn 1 reputation? This would allow me to give responses on the Forum quicker.

  • Staff

    @scooke For now, disable the app auto-update. Configure -> Disable update. I am working on a fix. Can you also tell me what is the ghost package version you are facing this issue? If you click the 'i' button of the app, it will show the package version.

  • @girish I'l disable auto-update. The version that works is Ghost 2.26.0 (Package v2.25.0). The version that wasn't working labelled only as Package v2.26.0 in the Backups dropdown. This looks weird since the working version is 2.26.0, but I guess there is some difference if the v is included. I recall it may have been Ghost 2.28.0, even though the latest version on is 2.28.1.

  • Hey @murgero yea it did take just some seconds to start up. But the problem is the issue keeps occuring after a few hours of inactivity on the site (maybe the server is sleeping or restarting?). I thought this would just be a quick question, but another thread is a good idea.

  • That’s awesome to hear @scooke Cloudron VPS seems interesting! I am looking into some DigitalOcean servers, but I guess that’s for another thread. Thanks so much for the input! Huge relief!

  • Staff

    So, the issue is that there is a migration in Ghost 2.15 1-add-type-column-to-integrations.js that was not run for some reason. But it's there in the migrations table though. Strange.

  • Staff

    I have pushed a fix for Ghost now.