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SOLVED Does Cloudron take up 20GB disk space?

  • Hi everyone,
    I read the docs saying that Cloudron requires at minimum 20GB disk space.

    Does this mean the platform takes up all 20 gigs & I need to get more space to install the apps?

  • Staff

    A fresh install takes around 8GB or so, last I checked. App images size varies and depends on the kind of app. It can vary anywhere from 200MB to 1.5GB. As a general rule, we don't work too hard about optimizing app images because disk is cheap and it's a one time transfer cost (bandwidth wise).

    So, we keep the requirement to 20GB minimum, so you can run atleast 2 apps for a reasonably long time without having to worry about the root file system.

    Hope that clarifies! Supporting very small disks only increases our support burden.

  • Thanks @girish. It helped me decide the suitable server size!

  • I have 16GB RAM, 60GB SSD storage (Netcup RS 2000 G8 SSD) and use the preconfigured ubuntu+cloudron image from netcup. I have 10 Apps installed and around 10GB of userdate. Together with app swap, cloudron consumes 33GB disk in total. Im pretty comfortable with the 26GB left but I still worry about nextloud and email data pile up over time.

    I also noticed that cloudron is bad when it comes to pruning/purging of old/unused docker data. I had to delete some images from apps that I tested a while ago. It safed not much but (fast) storage is not always cheap. I have another vroot (Linux V40) at Strato with similar CPU/RAM that comes with 600GB of SSD (for an reasonable price) but this one is very noticable slower (Collabora is almost unusable). All in all, the storage usage of cloudron is pretty okay and you hardly have to worry about it.

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    If you want, I have a referral link for DigitalOcean if you wanted to try some new services out. You get $50 in credits (5 months of the $10 plan as an example) if you spend $25, so $75 in total.

    I currently host my cloudron with Kimsufi, but I have other things on DigitalOcean and it works great! Especially for NextCloud services.


  • @subven Netcup is very interesting. I looked into them & the prices are unbelievably great! How is the speed? Do you think for someone who does not speak good German (like me, for example) can use it easily?