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Is it possible to convert Wordpress Managed site to Unmanaged?

  • I have run into a few plugins that require access to the root directory.

    Unfortunately I started this build BEFORE the unmanaged version was officially released!

    Is its possible to change over via a few lines of code somewhere?

    If not, what would the easiest migration path be? Is it possible to restore from a cloudron backup or third party plugin? Or is that linked to the managed version only?

  • Root directory as in / (Linux Root Dir) or as in /app/data/public (Web Server Root Dir)?

    If the later, you can in fact install wordpress in the LAMP app or install the unmanaged version of Wordpress app. Then use a migration plugin of your choice to migrate the blog from the current to the new one. Login to the new wordpress and change the URL in the wordpress settings for the site to the new URL, then change the URL on the new one in cloudron app settings. Might have missed a couple steps, but this should get you in the right direction.

  • /app/data/public

    I believe. Essentially where core wordpress files are stored. I guess that's going to have to be the option. Any decent free migration plugins to recommend? 🙂

    Also, doesn't wordpress unmanaged app handle the domain setup for you?

  • Staff

    You may want to checkout for the migration.

  • @affinity said in Is it possible to convert Wordpress Managed site to Unmanaged?:

    Also, doesn't wordpress unmanaged app handle the domain setup for you?

    That step was specific to using the LAMP app, if using unmanaged wordpress app, just change the domain name in cloudron.

    As for the plugin, you will need to find one that suits YOU specifically, I've always used for simpler sites though.

  • @nebulon & @murgero I actuality have that plugin! However, My site is over 512 mb so they want me to buy premium in order to use. I think I might have to bite the bullet on this one... Thanks for your quick responses!

  • Staff

    Let us know if that worked out for you for future reference.

  • @affinity you could manually move the images and uploads, remove them from the current site then migrate. (So you are under theb512mb limit)

  • @nebulon @murgero It worked! But only with a little mod... Here's what I Did for future users.

    1. Site under 500 Mb? Skip to step 2, If not keep reading...

    Before I proceeded to follow through with @d19dotca Instructions to migrate the site I had to work around the plugins 512mb import limitation of all in one wp plugin.

    Unnecessary Rant: Now, If I knew that the developer purposefully locked the user out from importing backups over 512 mb I wouldn’t have choose to back up countless hours of work of my site using this method… In fact, I was relying on cloudron for my primary my backups and this plug as secondary a "just in case" type scenario! But because there is no way to transfer the back up from cloudron, I have no choice but to either fork the premium, resort to another tedious complicated process or resort to this method. DISCLAIMER: I will GLADLY pay a premium for extra options but THIS felt more like extortion. Moraly, you can be the judge, but this is what i did Anyway.

    I proceeded to downloading an old version of the plugin (version 6.68) and modified line 254 of the constants.php to : define( 'AI1WM_MAX_FILE_SIZE', 536870912 * 20 ); This gave me 10gb upload limit.

    1. Create a second admin level account from wordpress, if you don't have one already (you can delete later after transfer — Important note! If you dont do this you can be locked out by previous AuthLDAP settings)

    2. Use the All-In-One WP Migration plugin to export the site, being sure to check the boxes in advanced section that say "Do not export must-use plugins"

    3. Setup the new Unmanaged WordPress app in your Cloudron install ( to a temporary domain, eg

    4. Configure Import by logging on with Default credentials, (click info on app to show default login creds) and add in the same All-In-One WP Migration plugin you used. Now import the site file that was created in step 3 above.

    5. Reconfigure AuthLDAP: After it's done importing, login with the second admin account you just created in step 2 and activate AuthLDAP. Then copy and paste all the settings from your managed install AuthLDAP Settings feilds To the new apps settings feilds — (This will reactivate your old admin amount)

    6. Reconfigure WP-SMPT: Copy and paste all the settings from your managed install WP-SMPT Plugin - Settings feilds To the new apps settings fields.

    You can now delete your managed app and replace to original Domain easily from the cloudron dashboard. Enjoy SFTP, No Write limit to the main directory and unshackled wordpress creation!

    Extra, Reasons why @d19dotca didnt work as planned.

    Because I followed step by step, I enabled advance export options and checked the "Do not export must-use plugins". Because of this I could not login because my main admin user needed Authdap which was not installed by default in the unmanaged distro, like the managed one. Luckily I had a secondary Admin account where I was able to login and Install AuthLDAP manualy to login with my original primary admin account.

    Also because the unmanaged app doesnt include WP Main SMPT by default, I had to manually reconfigure that plugin which was included but not activated or setup. I achieved this by installing the plugin and copied the settings credentials from my first site (""/wp-admin/options-general.php?page=wp_mail_smtp.php) to the new sites plugin settings fields and it worked as I expected.

    Other than that, I then restored the original domain from the old app in cloudron and also just had to make a few mods to .htaccess to get my max php time and upload limits to where I originally had them.

    All in all, I transferred my site (721mb) from Managed to Unmanaged with this method.


  • @affinity said in Is it possible to convert Wordpress Managed site to Unmanaged?:

    I proceeded to downloading an old version of the plugin (version 6.68) and modified line 254 of the constants.php to : define( 'AI1WM_MAX_FILE_SIZE', 536870912 * 20 ); This gave me 10gb upload limit.

    Be careful when doing something like this.

    1. Just because it is PHP does NOT mean it is open source.
    2. You might be violating a license agreement making that change.

    Otherwise, good job getting this working! Can you mark this thread as resolved now?

  • @murgero I agree!! It is a free open source distro that I modified originating from not their private paid product, as long as i don't distro this branch it should be okay.

    alt text

  • @affinity - I'm not sure I fully understand, because you stated that you followed my instructions but then "ran into a few issues" but what you stated was what I had already mentioned... that you need to select the "Do not export must-use plugins" option and restart the target WordPress instance afterwards because as my steps indicated "I find access is lost to the main LDAP admin user until a restart". So I wonder if maybe some steps were missed? Because it seems your words for future users was the same as what my instructions already had included. No? With my steps, you would not need to reconfigure any LDAP or SMTP plugins that are included in the managed WordPress app.

  • @d19dotca I cleaned up the post to make it much easier for future users to read!

    No, To clarify, Step 3 in your instructions was not missed. The reason I lost my access to my LDAP user after the transfer was simply because the "Unmanaged Wordpress" App has LDAP included but not activated by default, therefore rendering my primary admin user account useless at login window after migration. (no matter how many times I restarted the app, it didn't fix the issue, this issue only happens migrating from managed to unmanaged version) If any users are importing a site into the destination of a "Managed Wordpress" App distribution, then none of this is relevant and Your instructions are 100% accurate and are all that's needed.

    To clarify, In order to transfer your site from the managed app to an unmanaged app in Cloudron without getting locked out using this method make sure you prep one of the following options ...

    1. Create a second admin account in wordpress before migration and use that upon signing into the new app. (which I did & recommend way easier)

    2. Leave "Do not export Must-Use Plugins" uncheaked upon exporting backup file during migration. (Warning: This will transfer in Wp-Mail-SMPT, AuthLDAP, Disable Wordpress Core Updates, as Must Use plugins and mean you cant re-enable updates from admin without SFTP edits — Not recommended! )

    3. If you already transfered and are locked out still and don't want to do it again, Activate the LDAP plugin from terminal -> mysql command | view this post for instructions.

  • @affinity Ah, okay, that makes more sense now. Thanks for clarifying. I had forgotten about the “unmanaged” WordPress app not having the recommended plugins for LDAP auth and SMTP and stuff.

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