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Feature request: Notifications about failed backups

  • Hi everyone,

    I was checking my cloudron backend yesterday since I wondered if I had already gotten the upgrade to the latest 4.2.x version and noticed that the automated updated failed since the server could not finish the backup run that is part of the upgrade. At that point the server had gone six days without a proper backup.

    The issue was with the reverse proxy of my Minio installation (it seems that the 4.2.2 changed something in relation to max package size and that triggered a misconfiguration in my reverse proxy).

    To make a long story short: I would have started looking earlier into it, if i'd had known that Cloudron had troubles backing up. For such a critical issue both a notification on the cloudron panel and an email would be nice. I do remember receiving mails in the past for certificates that could not be extended.

  • Staff

    This looks like a regression. We actually added this a long time ago ( Thanks for reporting!

  • Staff