Weird login behaviour?

  • Ever since updating to 4.2.6 my login doesn't work correctly.


    1. Enter username
    2. Enter password
    3. Enter 2fa stuff
    4. login button
    5. Page redirects to login_callback but never redirect back to the admin page.

    Any ideas? I can attempt to get logs later tomorrow or something.

  • @murgero Can you try clearing the browser cache? I think I have seen this behavior before, it has something to do with old session tokens being around.

    FWIW, in the latest Cloudron, we moved to a file based session store (Cloudron sessions are now preserved across restarts), so the session ids are now different.

  • @girish Yeah - I tried this with multiple browsers and even on computers i've never used before and I am able to replicate the issue consistently.

    I also notice an OAuth state error in the browser console (though no actual error message or error number):


    Removing the login_callback.html?blahblahblah will successfully redirect.

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