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  • Hi, can you please help see if this is the correct process to install Commento on Cloudron. So I install the app on a subdomain of Cloudron dashboard domain > go to that link & create Commento profile > add code to website. And that’s all there is to it?!

    Self hosting the app this way, does it require a subscription? How can we send email notif. with it also?

    Many thanks for any help in advance!

  • Staff

    Hi there,

    as you describe, this is pretty much all which is needed to get started. A Cloudron subscription is only required if you intend to install more than 2 apps.

    Can you explain your question about the email notifications a bit further?

  • Okay, I understand it now. I mean can we get the notifications for the comments.

  • Staff

    Yes that should work normally

  • Thanks! Just one more thing. Do you happen to know if we already have a Commento profile with added domain, can we transfer it over to Cloudron’s Commento app?

  • Staff

    I haven't tried this yet, but since the Cloudron commento package does not use the Cloudron user-management, this might be possible. You can open a terminal into a freshly installed commento instance and you will have the postgres connection details there to try a sql dump import maybe?

  • Just installed two instances, thats all there is to it! Add the code to your "pages.hbs" file down near the middle bottom where there is a comment "here is a great place to add comments!" remmember to remove those comment marks. (Or just post the code below it)

    Now my question... How do you moderate comments? 😄

    Also remember to remove the signup option so I dont go and make myself an admin on your commento instance!

  • Staff

    For questions how to actually use the app, like how moderation is done, you have to look for help in the upstream app community.

    Overall for commento, the Cloudron package still depends on which is stagnating for a long time now. If you like chime in there to raise some attention, so we can eventually proceed to follow upstream releases better.