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Open registation

  • I'd like people to be able to register and request to join my Cloudron - is that possible? or does an admin always needs to manually create new users?

  • I suppose you can write a sign-up application to interface with the Cloudron API.

  • Staff

    What @yusf proposed was what we also usually recommended for now when we got this request. The REST api docs are currently reworked but at least the ones required to do this are already published at

  • Um, thanks @yusf @nebulon but the reason I love Cloudron is because I'm not (yet) a programmer and so I'm not going to be writing a sign-up application to interface with the Cloudron API any time soon!

    But perhaps once someone does it could be added as another app in the app store? 🙂

  • @jdaviescoates If you would like, we can discuss this in a PM? I'd be more than happy to build a portal for your users to register at.

  • Also interested in this use case - if any code is shared please let me know =] I will also look into giving this a shot

  • @murgero that'd be fantastic, thanks! But, um, I can't seem to work out how to PM you on here? 😛

  • @jdaviescoates Oh PMs must have been disabled or something, you can find my contact info on

    Use whatever is comfortable for you. Many contact options to choose from.

  • @jdaviescoates Why do you want to do this? The apps available can by-and-large already allow a user to register for them. Letting others register under your Cloudron sounds similar to sharing your password with friends and family to share your Netflix. Why would others need to access your cloudron? Genuine question. (I guess my concern is increasing the load by more users without them paying for it, thereby possibly decreasing overall performance for those of us who do pay.)

  • @scooke eg. a use case is an open source community that uses a cloudron instance with some apps. They offer the apps to their community members. To have a consistence user management, it makes sense to have it in the ldap of Cloudron instead of in the user management of each individual application. If you only have 10 or 20 members it's not a problem to delegate the user creation to a user with the admin role. For all other numbers an open registration fits.

  • @luckow I guess you are talking about the Enterprise Cloudron? I'm still trying to understand the situation you describe. My understanding is that Cloudron allows the paying customer (admin) to manage users, thus, the admin can create users (which are email based?) who can then access apps which the admin has created. When I look at I don't see any options for more than one admin, which is what it sounds like the op is asking for, unless that is what the Enterprise version is for. Even in the context you describe, it doesn't make sense to allow everyone/anyone admin access to your Cloudron account to then start installing and running any number of cloudrons. *which made me pause, because from what I understand any one cloudron can only be run under one domain. Why would you allow X number of users to access your cloudron to start installing whatever? How would you even monitor it to ensure no one is using more resources than they should? And if the answer is that they would not have access to admin1's cloudron but their own, then shouldn't they just make their own account? Or is it the idea that open source communities are exempt from paying (an option many other services make available)?

    In terms of consistent user management, that is exactly what Cloudon already offers. The one admin user can create X number of users, such as,,, and then even group them. Then, when creating an app, the admin user can then allow users, or users based on groups, access to the admin-created app, without the need for each user to have to manually create their own login for each app (for the most part, some of the apps aren't managed by the cloudron LDAP but manages users within itself).

    But I suppose might not like the admin-created username and prefers, and thus allowing them to register themselves as such is preferable to trying to communicate to the admin. And then this cloudron-created user can use the LDAP advantage for signing into other apps too, using their preferred If THIS is what the OP is talking about, then I understand the nature of the request: Allowing a user to register themselves as a user within the cloudron LDAP without giving them any admin access.

    Thank for reading all that. I'm trying to understand better.

  • Yes, I just want members of my company/ team to be able to register themselves (and then myself as an the admin to approve their registration request) rather than myself having to register them individually so that I can just say say:

    "hey, I've set-up all these cool apps for us to use using this brilliant platform called Cloudron. All you have to do is register at and then once I've approved your registration you'll be able to use those same credentials to login to,, etc too, it rocks! enjoy!"

  • @murgero thanks, have emailed you 🙂

  • Staff

    @murgero Let me know if you need something from the Cloudron side. I guess it can be a separate web app that can be installed at say It can then take an access token (this view is currently "hidden". access it as and a Cloudron end point. You should then be able to make calls to create user using .

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