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  • I'd like to be able to filter the apps in the app store by at least two features:

    • User management - I want to be able to see only apps that have LDAP integration and hence work with SSO
    • open source - the inclusion of Confluence makes me want to be able to see only open source apps too

  • @jdaviescoates Good idea. But please decide what OpenProject is. There is a community code base and some features are for "enterprise customers". Same with Mattermost. Ah. Matomo also have some paid options. Any suggestions?

  • Staff

    That is a valid point @luckow makes, this is not so clear cut.

    The SSO filter does make sense, we will see where it can be added.

  • Maybe as an alternative to the "open source" filter idea, it could be filtered on if it needs a paid license to run the program as-is? Of course there are always paid support options and paid add-ons/features, but as long as the base product which ships as-is requires a license or doesn't require a license, it'd be good to know that so people don't deploy Confluence for example assuming they can use it like most of the other apps for free and then realize they need to pay for it.

    But assuming we go with the "open source" filter idea, my two cents to address the concern from @luckow is that as long as the base project/app has it's source code available, then it's tagged as open source. Because paid add-ons and paid support plans for the app doesn't diminish the open source nature of the original base project. Right? Maybe I'm missing something but it seems to me it'd be something fairly simple like that where we only look at the base project. Add-ons that aren't open source doesn't necessarily "void" the open source nature of the base project/app.

  • Staff

    The if it needs a paid license to run the program as-is makes most sense to me here and we only really have confluence as the odd one out so far. Especially as @d19dotca mentioned, most apps have some way of purchasing extra things or getting higher level of support, so that will be hard to put into a filter. I would suggest, that once we have more than one app, which requires a license up-front, we can think about a filter/category for this.

  • I like the idea of having more app filters!

    SSO great idea.

    When it comes to an "open source" filter, I think the open code based makes more sense, rather than looking at all add-ons or price. We are talking about filters on Cloudron App Store, therefore think the question is, "is the app actually installed from cloudron app store opened of closed?", not any add-ons people may choose to install later on.

    Other options could be to have:

    • a Free Software filter for program without any proprietary add-ons
    • a "close sourced" filter for apps where the code of the base app is not available (i.e. that app actually installed from the app store)
    • a $ filter for program that require a paid license

    Mainly I think we should NOT conflate price/money and license type / openness of source case. Take Teamspeak, for e.g., it can be used for free, on a free (as in free beer) license, yet it is proprietary software.

    I think that whatever filter option we choose, the openness of the code that is actually being installed from the Cloudron App Store (i.e. without add-ons) is the thing that users should be made aware of / able to easily choose from. So as a first implementation of any filter, I thing the open/closed source filter would be the priority.