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How much space will I need for my Cloudron backups?

  • I'm going to start off by trying to use Hetzner's Cloud Volumes for my Cloudron backups, but I'm not sure how much space I'll need?

    My graphs show me currently using 11.79GB:

    alt text

    But given only database and app user data are backed up (does the graph above show how much space they are taking up?) I'm assuming at present the minimum sized 10GB Volume would be sufficient?

  • Staff

    To know the backup scope, you can sum up all the apps listed there + email data + box data. Then you would have to multiple that by the number of backups which are stored (eg. once every day for 1 week or so) This would be the maximum of storage required using the tarball method. For rsync, it would be much less since it would do incremental backups.