Version for Roundcube out-of-date, currently 1.3.9 installed on Cloudron but Roundcube is at 1.4.2.

  • Hello,

    Not sure if this should be under Support or Discussion, but I noticed that Roundcube is sitting at version 1.3.9 and hasn't been updated for a while. Roundcube project is currently at 1.4.2 (

    Is there any ETA on when 1.4.2 will be released in Cloudron's app store?


  • Very strange. I didn't get a notification for the releases for some reason.

    @nebulon Do you know why? On stargazer I see that roundcube release notification is 'stuck' (it says '6 years ago')

  • @girish kind of off topic, but also related. I think Releasebell is only checking tags on the master branch. Since Roundcube has moved to release branches and seems to be tagging there this could be the explanation for the missing notification.

  • @fbartels Ah I see, that might indeed be the bug. (stargazer is our internal install of releasebell, sorry for any confusion).

  • @d19dotca Pushed update to 1.3.10. It looks like 1.4 has a default elastic theme, so I have to fix up the tests. The new UI looks great!

  • I have pushed out 1.4.2. Note that the package is a "major" version upgrade since the UI is kinda different (so you have to click update manually in the Cloudron dashboard, it won't auto update).

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