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Multiple sessions in Cloudron CLI

  • I manage a bunch of Cloudrons. Sometimes via the CLI. Therefore, logging in into each Cloudron instance (thus logging out) from the others is annoying. Can you make it so that one can be logged in to all of them at the same time?

  • Staff

    We actually had this some time back, but thought this was only a use-case internal to us. I miss it as well, I will see how we can bring that back in some way.

  • Staff

    Are we thinking of adding a global --cloudron <> argument ?

  • @girish This is what I had in mind. Required when multiple sessions are present, otherwise not?

  • Staff

    I would actually rather prefer active login sessions like you have with other such tools like docker login where you switch between them, but if the token is still valid you don't have to explicitly login. The --cloudron arg is quite some overhead to pass all the time.

  • Staff

    @nebulon Isn't that how it works now already? I thought we stash all the login tokens in ~/.cloudron.json ?

  • that stopped working a while ago, maybe with the introduction of the 2FA cli?

  • If you don't mind this work around:

    sudo adduser cloudron1 ## or whatever name you want
    sudo adduser cloudron2 ## or whatever name you want
    sudo adduser cloudron3 ## or whatever name you want
    sudo -u cloudron1 /bin/bash cloudron login ## Setup session 1 time
    sudo -u cloudron1 /bin/bash cloudron <do stuff>
    sudo -u cloudron2 /bin/bash cloudron login ## Setup session 1 time
    sudo -u cloudron2 /bin/bash cloudron <do stuff>
    sudo -u cloudron3 /bin/bash cloudron login ## Setup session 1 time
    sudo -u cloudron3 /bin/bash cloudron <do stuff>

    This should keep the sessions separate, some extra typing involved but it might do the trick for you? That way you only login once.

  • Staff

    This is fixed now with cloudron cli version 4.1.6

  • What if I want to keep each build service associated to each Cloudron instance respectively?

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