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SSL does not work normally

  • Either this is a bug or a mistake from me.
    SSL installation failed for my domain.
    But from my side. I only installed the application using the root domain correctly. If it's an error from the cloudron side then please help me to resolve this.

    <screenshot with email redacted>


  • Staff

    I think the error code of 429 indicates a LetsEncrypt rate-limit issue for that domain. Is this possible in your case?

  • @nebulon I am not sure. Because my domain renew 3x.
    If it exceeds the limit. How long is the limit released or renewed again?

  • Staff

    The various rate-limits are explained at
    It could also be a temporary issue on LetsEncrypt side, if you believe so, you can renew the certificates manually from the Cloudron dashboard's domain view.

  • Staff

    @bangden07 If you install/uninstall & try many apps in different subdomains, it's best to get a Let's Encrypt wild card cert. On Cloudron, you will get a wild card cert automatically, if you move to a supported DNS provider (like DO, Cloudflare, Route53 etc). Is that an option for you? When you get wildcard certs, you only get 1 cert and that' it.

    Also, if possible, please paste the raw logs instead of a picture next time. The reason is that it's better for SEO purposes and also I can redact stuff a bit better (for example, in the screenshot, you forgot to clear out your gmail info in one place, so I have removed the pic for now).

  • Waiting for the limit from Let's Encrypt is too long. Must wait 7 days to be able to create a new certificate. Okay, that doesn't matter, I've worked around this by using Universal SSL from Cloudflare and this works.

  • Staff

    @bangden07 Ah, that's a smart work around! I just noticed that you had SSL issues on the root domain. The wildcard cert only covers subdomains i.e * but not Cloudron still has to get normal certs for I guess after a week, you can remove the cloudflare proxy.