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Re-install app that is not part of a backup

  • Hi everyone,
    I just migrated my installation and used a backup to restore all apps and files. Some apps (those who don't have any (important) local data, e.g. filepizza) are excluded from my backup. Those apps can't be restored now (obviously). However, they are still shown in the app overview (which is good). Is there any way to re-install those apps? I don't want to uninstall and install those apps again as I'm afraid to hit the letsencrypt rate-limit.
    Any ideas?
    Thanks a lot in advance! 🙂

  • Staff

    @stantropics Certs are not removed when you uninstall an app. This is done for exactly the reason you mention - not to hit LE limits 🙂

    So, easiest approach is to re-install them. If you are curious, you will see all the certs under /home/yellowtent/boxdata/certs.

  • @girish thanks for the info! 😊