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    Perfect HTML CMS for blogs, portfolios and company websites. Publii allows to you build, modify and manage an unlimited number of sites from the same app with instant switching; no databases or other credentials to remember. No coding or HTML required.

  • App Dev

    @echokos This would be a nice IDEA - but IDK if a Cloudron app should be done here as it would be purely used for static files.

    Installing the LAMP app then configuring Publii with the FTP creds for said app is probably a better solution.

  • Having LAMP overhead if not needed isn't ideal in my opinion. Would also be nice for Cloudron to maintain the updates, etc.

  • I agree that a dedicated app is not needed. It doesn’t need Cloudron infra at all.

    LAMP isn’t needed. Surfer or GH Pages are ideal for this use case.