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  • App Dev

    For those using my version and want to migrate to the official cloudron version, this is how you get there (it is a bit hacky, but worked out better in the end than exporting/importing the db and files) - BE CAREFUL WITH THE CLOUDRON CMDS, I DON'T WANT YOU TO MESS UP YOUR SETUPS:

    • backup!

    • grab the latest version from here

    • get the app-id from resources tab/cli/terminal and ssh into your cloudron to update the appstore-id via:

      • mysql -uroot -ppassword
      • use box
      • UPDATE apps SET appStoreId='org.matrix.synapse' WHERE id='your-current-synapse-matrix-app-id';
    • go to Updates, check for a new version and update (do that 3 times and you should be on 0.7.0 which is the latest one)

    • if you had external users like I did, you might need to adjust the following config items in the new homeserver.yaml

    enable_registration: true
    allow_guest_access: true
      enabled: true
      localdb_enabled: true
    • move your media_store files from /app/data/synapse/media_store to /app/data/data/media_store or adjust the path in homeserver.yaml
    • restart and test if everything is working, also check

    Depending on your setup, you might also want to check the new config if the server_name is the same as before - else it won't start I think (I was using a subdomain and the main domain is not on cloudron, so I had to rename it to and also added echo '{ "m.server": "" }' > server to well-known as described above.

    I also had to re-verify the devices to read the encrypted history, but that worked out fine and it seems to be all there. To finish up, you can rm -rf the old dirs and files, best to compare with a fresh installation to be on the safe side.

  • @msbt First, thank you for this migration guide, it's exactly what I need.

    I also had to re-verify the devices to read the encrypted history

    What do you think this is due to?

  • App Dev

    @yusf that is a good question, I moved the app to a different subdomain to test around, but that's probably not it. I'm guessing it is because of new keys and everything, haven't tried to re-use any of the existing ones.

    Oh yea, atm there is no default channel, you might want to remove the comment on those lines as well to get new users in there automatically 😉

  • @stantropics already askes this question in the closed matrix thread:

    First of all, thanks to everyone who has been working on the matrix app. I'm very happy to be able to run it on cloudron! 🙂 👍

    Making a user an administrator.
    Referring to the documentation ( one command needs to be executed to make a user an admin - it manipulates the data in the postgresdb:
    UPDATE users SET admin = 1 WHERE name = ''
    What is the recommended way to perform this on Cloudron?

    Thanks a lot in advance.
    Stay healthy everyone!

    Is there any recommended way to set a user as an admin in the app store released version of matrix?


  • Staff

    @NCKNE The sql command is probably the way to go for the app store version as well. I will put it in the docs. That said, I am yet to figure what an admin can do that a normal user cannot. Do special controls appear in the riot ui for admins?

  • Staff

    OK, I found which is an open issue for implementing admin functions in Riot. I also found which can probably be run locally.

  • @girish Getting an error on verifying:

    $ curl
    curl: (6) Could not resolve host: (I used my own domain)

    I chowned the matrix folder and server file to be owned by yellowtent. I had to use sudo to get the mkdir command to work.
    I set permissions of 0600 on the server file.
    There is no app at
    Matrix is installed at
    Do I need to manually add a DNS entry for

  • Staff

    @will You need to have an app installed at You can even set it to redirect to some other existing app i.e go to existing app -> Location -> Add redirection.

  • Hey! Works very very well. Runs smooth and does its job. But no LDAP would be a great feature for future 🙂

  • App Dev

    @will you can just enable registration in homeserver.yaml and you're good to go 😉

  • well you can enable it yes, but users who registered were not able to login (?). I guess this is because it only accepts login from LDAP?

  • App Dev

    worked fine before when I tested it, did you also set

      enabled: true
      localdb_enabled: true

    and maybe restarted matrix?

  • @girish added a redirect for matrix, and it works! Is this only needed if an app lives at or do I need it regardless?

  • Staff

    @will Only requirement is that it should be used by some app on Cloudron. You don't need to redirect it to matrix specifically. can either be any app or it can redirect to any app. (At a technical level, all this means is that the Cloudron's reverse proxy is prepared & ready to answer requests for that domain).

  • @girish Will this requirement be patched in a future release?

  • Staff

    @will there is no way around this requirement. the matrix protocol requires the apex domain to serve up those documents. is your concern that the domain can be used to host a site somewhere else? If so, all you have to do is to move the .well-known setup to that server/new location.

  • @girish My concern is having anything at
    It would be cleaner to just have cloudron handle that for me. Small gripe, not a big deal at all.

  • Staff

    @will said in Matrix/Riot:

    It would be cleaner to just have cloudron handle that for me. Small gripe, not a big deal at all.

    Ah, Cloudron side limitation can definitely be fixed 🙂 I agree that having to ssh and put files manually in a cryptic location is kinda crude. This will be fixed soonish but we just wanted to get the apps out for testing sooner rather than later.

  • @girish Dont get me wrong, Im thankful! Its great. I'm just giving a little feedback on possible improvements. Sounds like you are on it already

  • @msbt said in Matrix/Riot:

    I'm guessing it is because of new keys and everything, haven't tried to re-use any of the existing ones.

    Might very well be, yes. I'm going to try and migrate the keys too. The migration is hard to dry run though 😩

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