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SOLVED Moving Servers - Cloudron IP Change

  • Hi All -

    I may need to relocate my Vultr server and am wondering what steps I would need to take in Cloudron after the move (it will have a new IP address) to make sure all the sites still work with minimal downtime? Is there a Cloudron command that can be run for this purpose?

  • Staff

    If you are thinking of changing regions within the same provider, usually VPS providers have ability to snapshot a VM and migrate the VM. If Vultr has this, you can simply do that. The procedure would be:

    1. Snapshot VM
    2. Migrate the above snapshot to new region (depends on VPS if this is needed)
    3. Create VM in new region from the above snapshot
    4. Go to your DNS and manually change the IP to the new IP.

    That should be it.

    If the above flow is not possible, see the Cloudron migration guide. It's fairly easy - . This will allow you to move a server across various VPS providers as well.

  • @girish Thank you. I guess I was wondering if there is something in Cloudron that will update the DNS 'automatically' vs doing it manually for each app.

  • @echokos From what I know the DNS settings will be propagated correctly and set to the new IP if you enabled DNS management in cloudron right after restoring the backup on the new server. There is also the "dynamic IP" option which you can set in case the automatic switchover does not work and DNS records are not set correctly. This should not be necessary though.

  • Staff

    @echokos Right as @NCKNE suggested, you can enable the dynamic dns option under Domains view before migration and take a backup after you enabled it. With that the DNS records will be automatically updated post migration. After migration, you can turn off that option since the IP won't change anyways.