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  • Cloudron Team,
    I use a common convention with my usernames that involve the use of underlines. Cloudron is the only system I use that doesn't support the use of underlines in usernames. I could see this being a quick fix, but I may not see the scope of why they were limited in the first place.
    Is this something that can be added?

  • Staff

    The main reason for choosing username character restrictions on our side is the support in all apps. If one app, which uses LDAP does not support underscore for example, then we cannot support this character. That being said, we didn't test the apps a lot for this, but intentionally choose a rather limited character set to be on the safe side also for potential future apps. If this is a common use-case we could verify this in the future for the apps we already have. But it is currently not on our immediate list of things to do, as it wasn't requested so far.

  • @nebulon Would it be possible to allow for underscores in mail aliases though? This should not impact LDAP afaik?

  • Staff

    Yeah, email ids don't go via LDAP. Email ids and aliases are restricted because in other email systems people can use _, - and + as subaddress. Cloudron only supports + right now but might extend it to - and _.

    @nebulon IIRC, the _ restriction comes when we had 1-1 mapping between username and email. Maybe it's not relevant anymore. I am more open in allowing it in usernames than mailbox names.