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  • @apatheticatitude This already is a fork away from the official Bitwarden app. Bitwarden_RS is a fork of Bitwarden, written in Rust and allows for the premium features by simply removing parts of the code that would otherwise require a key / license. Any app that’s fully open source, one can technically remove any requirements to pay for it through modification to the code.

  • @necrevistonnezr That’s fantastic! Very detailed. Glad you were able to make that work. 👍

  • @d19dotca said in Bitwarden_rs:

    This already is a fork away from the official Bitwarden app

    That is not quite right. A fork implies that at some point in time bitwarden_rs and the official server shared the same code, but have diverged since then. (And at at least one side won't include that changes of the other)

    Bitwarden_rs is an implementation of a backend component that exposes the exact same API towards the frontend.

    Some parts that require payment in the official server have been made available in _rs anyways. Other less heavily used parts are even missing.

    @apatheticatitude said in Bitwarden_rs:

    Is it possible the instance will break eventually

    Possibly. All it takes is larger or unexpected change in the API. So far the bitwarden developer has been friendly towards third party implementations however.

  • @fbartels Ah yes, I guess technically "fork" wasn't really the right word there. The point I was trying to make is the same though... the source we are using for this app in Cloudron is already not the original/official Bitwarden server project to begin with.

  • Staff

    @d19dotca Yeah, I actually want to make the unofficial part a bit more clearer in our app description or maybe even our post install that Bitwarden. Also want to make sure that if paid features are being used, people take up a subscription with the upstream author. My understanding is that the main project is also a small indie company.

  • I take it that the mobile apps are incompatible with the former premium features in bitwarden_rs?

  • @yusf I guess it depends on what features you're referring to. Bitwarden_rs and the official Bitwarden clients (mobile apps, browser extensions, etc.) all support TOTP token storage and file storage, for example, which are both considered premium features (the $10/year if using official account). Any particular feature you're referring to?

  • @d19dotca Organisations, on the iOS client.

    Would it work to first sign up for premium on their hosted service, somehow unlocking the app, then switch that to self-hosted?

  • @yusf It works with organization in the sense that items shared in an organization will show up and you can add new items to an existing organization. One limitation though in the mobile app is that you can’t create an organization, you have to do that in the web app. That’s a general Bitwarden limitation though, not Bitwarden_rs specifically.

    Screenshot below shows the test item I created in a test org, and has a share icon next to it to signify its from a shared organization.


    Screenshot below shows how to assign to an org. The org I have is called test. The scribbled out option is the personal account. Test is the org.


  • @d19dotca Oh, I see. I was looking for the organization as a folder, not as items. Good news.

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