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Best app for calendar and contacts sync

  • Which app would you recommend as fastest, most stable and feature-complete calendar and contacts sync (for desktop and mobile)? Options appear to be SOgo, Radicale, Redmine or Nextcloud.

    P.S. I'm already using Nextcloud for file sync, but may give Syncthing a shot.

  • @christiaan SOGo and Nextcloud are both great in Outlook (with addon) and iOS/Android (CalDAV/CardDAV) I use Nextcloud with the nextcloud email app plus Android with DAVx

  • @christiaan I just use Radicale. It’s a more pure implementation, or at least without all the fluff and other restrictions. SOGo has an odd restriction where each reminder list must a calendar list too. So in other words your reminder and calendar apps are going to show the exact same lists, which doesn’t align with my workflow, so I always saw it as working against me in some way.

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