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Cloudron on OVH Cloud Managed Kubernetes

  • OVH Cloud Managed Kubernetes seems an ideal candidate for testing this out with a balance of price, performance, support and free anti-DDoS protection.

    Seems like the perfect candidate for a high-availability and secure managed hosting at a decent price need to me.

    Anyone up for this?

  • Seems like a good way to test also:

  • Hmmm, just seen this from Scaleway too:

    Starting to get spoilt for choice!

  • App Dev

    Hi @marcuswquinn,

    not speaking for the developers, but I am afraid that using Kubernetes as the base would be a whole different thing than what Cloudron does at the moment.

    Cloudron is currently interacting with containers through the local docker socket, if looking for scalability the easier choice would be to use something like Swarm as the next best step. (I think @girish mentioned looking into it a while ago even).

    Or something custom to bridge communication with existing installations (which seems something to be coming with the next release).

  • @fbartels fair enough, it's easier to drop names an links that develop these things I'm site!

    I've always been interested in the idea of Hashicorp's Nomad I saw mentioned somewhere too - but again, defer to those that know more.

    Still doesn't negate a reliable and distributed backup plan though as no amount of HA can protect from a PBKAC 😄

  • Staff

    Pretty much what @fbartels said. Cloudron on k8s, while possible, involves a large engineering effort. Currently, to help people distribute apps across servers we are working on a simple system to combine multiple Cloudron dashboards into one single dashboard. For the moment, high availability of apps, distributed load balancing etc is out of the scope of Cloudron - in terms of the customers we target and our pricing.

  • @girish Sure, agreed - and somewhat from experience I've found the costs/benefits of high-availability can almost all be achieved with a solid backup/permissions/restore strategy - for which you already cover really well so links just for reference on low-cost managed K8S hosting really. Rancher 2 is the closest alternative I know of but even that is complicated enough.