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Does Cloudron work on Managed Servers without root access?

  • As an example:

    I'm just thinking that for business-use using managed servers would be smarter so our team is focused on app and business development and not reinventing sys admin wheels.

    Usually SSH keys are deployed on setup so I guess a cloudron user would need adding on initialisation before running the setup scripts?

    (apologies, not dug into all docs on this subject, and I guess forums are for supplementing FAQs too)

  • App Dev

    @marcusquinn Most managed servers will give you root access anyway, if not you should open a support request with said provider, and request them to install cloudron for you.

  • Staff

    I will be interested in knowing what the outcome of this was if you contact Hetzner about this. Will they install Cloudron for you and hand out the server to you?

  • @girish I'll log a ticket with them and keep you posted. This forum is a sys admin treasure trove of useful experience, so it's the least I can do!

  • It's a no - maybe - the shortness of the answer doesn't convince me completely but not an immediate need and with the stories of pretty painless migration I'll post again if I try them again on the subject.


    ( and plugging Cloudron in all related conversations now 🙂 )

  • 👏 nice try...

  • App Dev

    I don't really see the point of using a managed server with Cloudron. From what I see on the link you sent, the idea is

    Focus on your projects. We'll take care of the configuration and updates

    But... Cloudron already does this.

  • @mehdi Not sure I know enough yet about handling updates, patches & security so just running in good faith on all that at the mo.

    Happy? Yes.

    Confident? Sure - until something goes wrong 🙂

    Just always thinking about prevention being better than cure.