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  • Links to the developers site are handy already but a bonus for the App Store would be clickable screenshots to see the gallery full width if possible.

    (Although I realise if they aren't already saved larger that might be a challenge in updating them all unless there's a community contributor with time to help out 🙂 )

  • Staff

    Admittedly, we haven't put much effort into making sure the screenshots are proper size/pretty/proper aspect ratio etc. In fact, we don't even update the screenshots to match the latest releases since it's a lot of work. At this point, it's really just some ui bling 🙂 . @nebulon probably can comment further since he handles most of the display related stuff.

  • Staff

    Yes as @girish mentioned, that dialog itself could probably use some rework. I will see what can be improved for 6.0 then, the main appstore view was more important from our perspective to make things more discoverable. So I agree the actual install dialog is logical next. That "install" button being pushed out of the screen on small displays is a longstanding issue as well.