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Space usage not showing after moving data to a different directory and back

  • I've moved my nextcloud data around (changed resources directory to a different path and then later back to the original) quite some time ago and it still only shows 4kb of data, but it should be around ~35gb or something. Any ideas why that might be?

  • Staff

    @msbt I assume you are referring to the graphs? If so, they are only calculated once a day to reduce disk churn.

    Maybe we can add a button to say "refresh stats" or something but it's a bit tricky since this is done internally by collectd.

  • talking about the system info tab, but as I said, that was more than a week ago, so it should have definitely be scanned by now

  • @girish It would be nice to have a way to manually enforce a re-sync of the data.

  • would be nice indeed. nextcloud just got updated and it seems to work again, so i guess this is "solved" 😉

  • Staff

    Just leaving a note for myself, but it's unclear why the issue got fixed after the update. After an app update, the container is recreated and the collectd config is regenerated. Maybe the collectd restart did the trick.

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