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Error loading fsmetadata.json

  • Trying to restore Cloudron to a new VM today (from locally mounted drive) and got this error:

    Error loading fsmetadata.json:ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '/home/yellowtent/boxdata/fsmetadata.json'

    Looking in the ../boxdata location reveals this file (nor a symlink) exists.

    I installed Cloudron with --version 5.4.0 to restore this backup.

    Any ideas what I can try? Duckduckgoing reveals nothing 😕

  • Staff

    Ths file should be part of the backup itself. Can you look into the backup storage and verify it is there?

  • Thanks @nebulon, my bad! #usererror

    I omitted part of the path to the backup location - d'oh!

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