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3 Node Deployment (Unified Dashboard)


    Yes it is a half rack with 2 storage arrays and a desktop (on its side - lol) with a mighty fine network behind it but the focus would be on the 5 NUC's (running Docker + K8)


    also that lil IP cam keeping an eye on the rack 👁🦾 lol +1

    EDIT* not my setup =/ lol

  • @plusone-nick Nice cabling! 🙂

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    @plusone-nick Nice! I too use a thinkcenter for all my data. I think mine is an older model - M600. It's incredible how well it works. Since it's fanless, makes no sound whatsoever.

    My home setup is outright amateurish compared to yours 🙂 There's 2 disks: one is an external disk for all my pictures/videos etc and the other one is for backups. My home has pretty stable internet/power, so I haven't had a need for UPS etc.


    My email server is on DigitalOcean. I have couple of test cloudrons on linode as well. For my use case, it would be great I could tie these to a single unified dashboard (+auth). This is probably slightly different from other scale out use cases where the servers are generally in the same rack/data center.

  • @girish I recall us realizing we are using similar lenovo nodes lol & Unfortunately that is not my setup just something i found on r/homelab BUT I DO have a similar rack with:
    1 Dell R610
    1 Sumpermicro (BigTwin - i believe) its 4 nodes in a 2U

    They are both refurbs and of course they are as loud as a jet engine lol
    That is part* of the reason for this thread - Using mini and micro Nodes like the Lenovo's have been more than enough and can apply to any living situation unlike a half rack lab lol

  • @girish I have the same lenovo box! (Mine might be newer)
    I put an SSD, and nvme drive inside, maxed out the ram and it runs like a champ!

    Mine is mounted inside a cuby hole where my modem lives.

  • @will They are freakin amazing! lol cant wait to make a mini cloudron cluster! 🤓😎

  • I'd be very interested in a multi-node cloudron setup. I have some stuff I'd be able to host at home, and other stuff I'd like to run on a VPS or physical server somewhere.
    Also, there's software that needs tons of storage (like nextcloud), and others that need a bunch of memory but very little storage, so I'm currently renting a server with lots of storage and memory, which could easily be switched to a cheaper dual-node setup, I think.
    So yeah, eagerly awaiting that 6.0 release. 🙂

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    @malvim said in 3 Node Deployment (Unified Dashboard):

    have some stuff I'd be able to host at home, and other stuff I'd like to run on a VPS or physical server somewhere.

    Indeed, this is exactly the use case we are looking to support. I have a similar situation where my primary cloudron is hosted at home and my mail server is on a VPS and I have another server for test deployments. I would like all this to be unified in some way.

    I bring this up because I have also been looking into solutions like k8s/swarm/nomad etc but they seem more suited for horizontal scaling whereas what I think we want is just a way to manage multiple cloudron installations.

  • @girish TBH k8s/swarm/nomad all have latency issues to contend with that need specific network setups unless the Cloud provider already offers K8S with a dedicated network for the nodes. Been down this road and there's usually significant performance compromises as soon as anything needs to use a database.

    What I'd be more interested would be hot-swappable Master-Slave(s) setups.

    So you'd have your main hardware serving everything, and use Unison for file replication and whatever database Cluster versions for the Master-Slave replication.

    Some decent guides on this for Wordpress:

    Then you have a hot-swap timeout (say 5 minutes or whatever is enough for normal reboots with checks & fixes).

  • @girish said in 3 Node Deployment (Unified Dashboard):


    Yeah, I think in this case a way to manage different cloudrons in a centralized way would be the way to go.

    For me, the main objective would be to install an app from my admin interface and have it go up in a specific machine, with domains and certificates working accordingly and such.

    Haven't been able to go on with the raspberry pi setup, as my provider only has NAS disks, and overlay doesn't support it, and the other storage drivers were such a pain to setup I couldn't get it to work.

    Looking for a provider with a better setup (and closer to what one would have at home) to try.

    Edit: I'm sorry for the raspberry pi talk, I got the threads mixed up. But yeah, my "dream" multi-node setup is basically being able to install apps on different machines from the same web/cli interface. 🙂

  • This appears doable by creating a new App that orchestrates 2 or more cloudron APIs in one interface.

    It could be a mobile/web admin app for any number of cloudrons with features like adding apps to each, user management across all, monitoring, etc.

  • @robi I think they are open to design/feature requests:

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