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  • Staff

    Just one more sprint before 6.0. Mostly, it's mail related. Just trying to address some immediate needs in this release:

    • Mail
      • Make some of the existing settings configurable via the UI. Whitelist/blacklist, max message size, tls configuration etc.
      • Make mail server name configurable. Instead of as email server, you can setup the name as, for example.
      • Autodiscover/Autoconfig support for email - . I am not sure how easy/hard this is, but worth trying.
      • Server side signature - If haraka allows this easily, we will add it.
      • Keep mail backups separate from box backups. This will make it easy to backup/restore emails separately. EDIT: decided it's a lot of work, postponed to some future release.
    • Add a way to whitelist inbound ports. This will help apps like netdata, snmp monitors and other monitoring "agents".
    • Add flag in manifest for reverse proxying to a port (for the OLS app).
    • Update MongoDB to 4.2 - EDIT: this was not needed. The index length problem is solved by having smaller mongodb database names.
    • Hardware transcoding for emby/jellyfin (and in the future plex)
    • Do not auto-update to pre-release version
    • Allow configuring schedule of platform updates
    • Network usage graphs (See issue)
    • Optimize WP and Nextcloud installations

    Anything small/obvious I left out?

  • App Dev

    Any update on when we might could see network graphs per app?

  • @girish said in What's coming in 5.6:

    Add flag in manifest for reverse proxying to a port (for the OLS app)

    OLS app?

  • Staff

    @Hillside502 Open Lite Speed - (maybe it's not a well known acronym, I just made it up).

    @doodlemania2 Added!

  • @girish Definitely looking forward to the first two mail features in particular!

    Is it possible to expand on the "Keep mail backups separate from box backups" part? Is the intention here to restore just mail alone instead of needing to restore the whole server to restore mail? If so - that'd be awesome! Haven't needed that yet but I can imagine a few scenarios where that may happen in the future and make recovery much easier.

    Keep up the hard work! Great job you guys! πŸ™‚

  • Staff

    @d19dotca Yes, the idea is to be able to independently backup and restore the mail stuff and also be able to set a location to it, just like any other app. Just like we have app_ and box in backups, idea is now we will have a mail_ in the backups directory (currently, it is in box/mail).

  • @girish Perfect! That’s what I was hoping to see. This new release will check off a bunch of requests I and others made, very happy with this. πŸ™‚

  • Staff

    A progress update on the release.

    • VAAPI (hardware transcoding on linux) support work well now. I had posted an update here -

    • Lots of activity on the email side:

    • You can set the mail server location:

    • Adjust the max message size:

    • Adjust spam configuration:

    • We have decided against separating the mail and box backups for this release. There's some complications to do this properly (the mailbox and domain information is currently in the box code, we have to move this to the mail container. it's quite a bit of work and we feel this feature is not important at this point to justify the surgery).

    • Cloudron will not auto-update to pre-release version if you simply just checked for an update.

    • Scheduler: if you have a bunch of WP apps (especially unmanaged WP), you will see a lot of networking churn in dmesg and docker logs output. We have seen in a couple of customers who have over 100 WP installations, docker gets into some strange deadlock (iptables locking). To circumvent this, the cron job scheduler has been re-designed now so as to not create a new container for every cron run and also shares the networking namespace of the app container. This change requires no changes to apps.

    • Allow box auto update pattern to be configurable. The update schedule that in the Settings UI now applies to both the app and platform auto updates (previously, it only applied to app auto updates). This gives you more control on when the updates happen.

    Phew, already changes are piling up, so will probably have to drop some of the planned features.

  • @girish Still hoping for this one to make it into Cloudron eventually...:=-)

  • Staff

    @Mallewax Yes, I have added it in our 6.0 list now - . In fact, I just moved to a new device and search not working reasonably is a bummer.

  • Nice work on the Mail server side of things!

    Being able to set mail server subdomains to the more commonly used mail. will be a bonus.

    Thunderbird checks common subdomains as a second resort, although the extra DNS records for the standard autoconfig stuff would be better for more clients to autodetect.

    I'm hoping that will help with email client auto-setups but anything you can do to also add the necessary records would be super handy:

  • Staff

    Yeah, I would love to get the autoconfig functional in this release. I haven't gotten to that yet, and will probably need help of everyone to test auto-detection in variety of clients.

  • @girish Love it....:-) Thank you for your consideration!

  • Staff

    We now have server side signatures as well. These can be set per-domain:


    I have also made some good progress with NC and WP optimizations. I will make a separate post for that.

  • Staff

    @doodlemania2 It turns out collecting network information for each container is quite complicated. It's easy to collect the stats at a point in time (like docker stats does) but to do it over a time period, requires us to periodically track the container/process. I put some notes here - . I have to postpone that task since it's quite complicated. If someone has better technical knowledge on this, please do leave a note on gitlab.

  • App Dev

    Thanks for the update good sir!

  • Any ETA on 5.6? Can't wait for these mail improvements. πŸ™‚

  • Staff

    @d19dotca It's getting here, a couple of things left. Hopefully late next week πŸ™‚

  • Staff

    For the email auto-configuration, for now I will just add docs on how to set this up manually. It's a bit complicated to automatically set all this up because outlooks requires SRV records (for which we have to write automation code for the DNS providers) and thunderbird/k9 requires setup of .well-known files. This has the same issue as mastodon where we can automate only the website is also on Cloudron. So, for now, I will put docs on how anyone can set this up manually.