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  • @mehdi Yup for offline/online/OOM but for not for state of the app with errors ?

  • App Dev

    @rmdes I do not understand. When an app is in error state, it is considered offline by cloudron health check, so you get the email. Or am I missing something?

  • App Dev

    @mehdi there were/are cases in which no email is being sent, when internal healthchecks are positive but the app is broken (either working or non-working, e.g. bitwarden, failed postgres migration in nextcloud/surfer)

  • @mehdi I should have kept a copy of a bunch of situations I found like this, no emails received and the app being in a weird state with errors and unable to finish the restart process..

  • @mehdi this is my use case : I have 20 minutes for maintenance, I want to login into one cloudron, filter app by states, take care of stalled or error states and voila
    get into another cloudron and do the same without having to scroll to check if all apps/domains are running fine..

    I'm not very fond of more emails
    maybe I should write a simple cloudron cli cron-job that restart apps if stuck in error states
    100% of the time those app should be running and 100% of the time restarting the app fix whatever stalled the task in the first place..

    I guess that's where having alerts via api/webhooks could be a better way to automate this kind of maintenance tasks when handling hundreds of apps

  • @rmdes
    I posted about this in another thread.. I wanted a status at the top of the Admin panel that shows how many are running, how many are not and have those numbers be clickable as a filter to list the ones affected.

    Since we're all about automation here, we don't really need a lot of new UI for things that should be automated. Restarts are automatable, it just gives up too soon during an error/timeout/whatever happened.

    Adding a backoff timer for App restart will resolve 99% of issues without manual intervention at all.

    There's your 20m back.

    For those apps that fail to restart after 3 tries, a more reliable notification would be good.

  • Staff

    @nebulon has added a simple running/not running state filter for the next release. We will iterate on this as we go.

  • @girish It would good to have a separated state for "not responding", which is an error state, and those stopped, which are by choice.

  • @ruihildt said in Filter by State of the app:

    @girish It would good to have a separated state for "not responding", which is an error state, and those stopped, which are by choice.

    Yes, this was part of my ask and mockup.. 👍

  • @girish Yay thanks a lot !