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SOLVED How to fix email certificate issue in 5.6

  • Staff

    Some Cloudrons are having an email certificate issue with 5.6. In case, you hit this (your mail client gives some SSL error), the fix is as follows:

    • SSH into server and run the commands below as root
    • /home/yellowtent/box/setup/
    • systemctl restart box
    • The go to the dashboard, System -> Services -> restart mail service

  • Staff

    Some technical details on the issue. In 5.6, we allow the mail server name to be set and for this we introduced a database field called mail server name. For some reason, if an update only went through half way, the database migration scripts did not complete fully and this mail server name field is not populated in the database. This in turn results in the mail container not getting the correct certificate.

    The first command /home/yellowtent/box/setup/ is running the database migrations. The second command is restarting cloudron code. The third command is re-configuring mail container with the correct certificate.