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How did everyone discover Cloudron?

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    We are going to steal many of the comments in this thread for our testimonials 🙂 Thanks for all the nice words!

  • I discovered Cloudron through my hosting provider Netcup. I tried the free version, was very pleased with the ease of use for setting up domains, subdomains and especially email (which was a lot of headache when I tried setting up on my own). Went back to self-managing my server... then purchased Cloudron premium when I was sick of wasting so much of my (free) time when setting up projects for friends. Now I'm happy ever since :-)! The killer feature for me is the external backup. So quick and easy to set up! Big thank you to the team and the maintainers!

  • I was a big fan of Yunohost (still am for personal use) and with @ruihildt we were looking for a more stable/professional approach to self hosting, the moment my friend Rui found cloudron I was instantly interested, we launched a pro-bono consulting non-profit business based on cloudron for little organisations & non profits (we still run it) and since then I have moved 2 decades of web presence, different domains, different needs back to our cloudron and I'm not ever going back to shared-hosting neither for personal or professional reasons if I can avoid it !

    I learned so much with cloudron now I can't stop sharing it on the fediverse, but also to entrepreneurs, startups, schools, anything that wants to reclaim their hosting power and still have a very friendly solution to handle a lot of tedious things that Cloudron turned into a huge facility to operate and for that I'm eternally grateful for Cloudron and its community !

  • I feel like Cloudron's strap-line should be: "For an appy private life." 😁

  • About 5 years ago A friend showed me the Awesome Self Hosted list: & I went down the rabbit hole 😁✌💙+1

  • I was always hosting my own things since the first linux install back in the early 90s. When I came across Sandstorm I thought it was the bees knees, but it was far from pleasant to use with all the rough security and then the project shutdown! (for a while).

    I actually called up the founder since I knew of him, and had a chat about it.. he was rearranging his life as he went to work for Cloudflare.

    Shortly after I found Cloudron and haven't had to look back at anything else.

    I even had @girish give a presentation on the mighty Cloudron at our meetup BayLISA. It was very impressive.

    SO in some small way I am responsible for infecting a bunch of BayLISA members with the Cloudron bug and run 3 different Cloudrons myself spanning hundreds of domains now. Go Cloudron.

  • I just messages someone about the Cloudron forum and liked my quote on it too much not to share:

    "One of the most positive and proactive communities I've joined. It's like a System Admin's therapy group 😂 "

  • @marcusquinn Nah, that sounds like what the others would use! Cloudron works too awesomely well all the time to have a light-hearted strapline. But I can't think of any other at the moment. Oh well.

  • @scooke Agreed, doesn't need a strapline, was just a bit of fun.

    I like that the name Cloudron reminds me of the film Tron. We're all uploaded now 🙂

  • I realized today that I never answered this question. It's because I was looking for a VPS panel with an OpenVPN Client. Which I'm not sure honestly exists after my research. But it sure does now! Love Cloudron sm.

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