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SOLVED Need Help with the SMTP settings

  • I am new cloudron user. I was looking for better control panel and stumbled upon cloudron. So far I find it awesome. I am just stuck with SMTP issue recently. I setup mail server using cloudron and wanted to configure mail client using the SMTP settings provided in your email:

    SMTP Server:
    Port: 587
    Username :
    Password: Cloud ron password

    This setting is not working on thunder bird, turbo mailer, super email sender. Can you please share the correct setting or provide path on server where I can look for logs

  • The error that I am getting on turbo email is attached

    alt text

    I have tried smtp ports 25 587 465

    the password I am trying is correct because I am able to log into cloudron with it.

    Please help

  • Staff

    @aqhil04 This is my thunderbird settings.


    The key things are:

    • Port 587
    • The username is the mailbox name (ie the one you created under Email -> mailboxes).

    What error do you see in thunderbird?

  • Thanks a lot that settings did work for thunder bird. Can you suggest what setting can I use for turbo mailer ? Please refer the below link for my existing settings

  • Staff

    @aqhil04 In the screenshot, I see a :25 in server. It should be :587 maybe?

  • I have tried port 587 but no luck. This app only shows SSL TLS options..I don't see STARTTLS could that be the issue?

    if so can you suggest the bulk email shooter that has STARTTLS?

  • Staff

    @aqhil04 You can try mailtrain or mautic. mailtrain is what we use for our mailing lists. Both are already configured to send mails via the Cloudron. So, you can install it and then change the "from address" in Email section of the app - .

  • Staff

    @aqhil04 said in Need Help with the SMTP settings:

    I don't see STARTTLS could that be the issue

    I can't make out much from their limited docs. Terminology here is quite confusing and each person has a different definition. From what I understand, SSL was the old protocol and is deprecated. TLS is the new protocol. For email, there is a difference between TLS and STARTTLS (also called opportunistic TLS). The idea behind STARTTLS is that the connection starts out unencrypted (unlike TLS) and then later it becomes encrypted after the issue of STARTTLS command.

    I don't know if turbo mailer supports STARTTLS because there is no mention of this in their docs.

  • @girish I have tested that. But the problem is when I send email from your default email app I can hit inbox..but when I use mail train the exact same email goes to spam. Any additional settings needed here?

  • Staff

    I see. Maybe that's because mailtrain adds unsubscribe headers in the email header etc. I don't really know of any other bulk mailer software. Are you able to contact the support of turbo mailer and ask them if they support STARTLS at all?