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Offered: Drone CI on Cloudron

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    Hi forum,

    I have been using Drone CI on my own Cloudron installation for a while. The server component (basically a dashboard/job monitor and dispatcher) of Drone is packaged up as a regular app and the actual job runners can be run on workstations or other servers.

    I want to make the Drone app available as "sponsorware", which means that as soon as my Github sponsorships have reached a certain threshold the app code will be publicly available to everyone else. In exchange for the sponsorship I will help you get started with Drone and will look into changes required for your usage.

    If you are interested just reach out to me via the forum chat.

    Github Sponsors Profile:
    Sponsoring goal: 150$

  • @fbartels said in Offered: Drone CI on Cloudron:

    as soon as my Github sponsorships have reached a certain threshold

    Nice. Perhaps include a link to your Github Sponsor page and define the threshold? 😉

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    @jdaviescoates good point. I did define this when posting about this on my blog, but its good to include it here as well. Added to the opening topic.

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    @fbartels I love everything about this! Been wanting to find a project to play around with the sponsorware model myself. Not in need of Drone CI at the moment, but will keep this in mind for the future.

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    I am really excited about this. I'll see if I can still package Drone Runners as an app too. My ideal would be Drone CI and runners all on Cloudron. I reached out to @fbartels to potentially sponsor that as well. I want to try making it myself but honestly it is tempting to sponsor. Felix does some great work.

    Edit: Heh I say this as I switch to GitLab and run a GitLab runner. No matter, it would still be good to see some CI tools on Cloudron to go with the Git platforms.

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