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  • Currently the way to roughly clean up some backups we don't want taking up space is to change the retention policy for a while, then come back later and change it back.

    It would be nice to have a delete function for individual backups w/o having to shorten the policy.

  • Yes!

    I'd really like to be able to see a list of backups and and then to be able to manually delete ones I don't need anymore.

    I want to keep the retention policy as-is because I like that it's cautious just in case...

    But I keep running out of space on my backup disk and I'm fairly certain they'll be some things in there I don't need anymore!

  • Like, I'd be very happy to (in fact, I'd really like to - given I'm out of space and so new backups are failing!) now delete the 5.6.1 backup listed here:


    I guess this is possible using the terminal but it'd be nice to just be able to click delete.

    Would it even be possible to have an option somewhere that says "automatically delete oldest backups if current backup fails due to lack of disk space". I'd like that.

  • Similar discussions/requests here already, FYI:

    I suppose this proposal though, would love to see a way to remove backups through the GUI. 🙂

  • Yeah, there’s an area for it and if you’re saying there’s a way through the CLI. Then there’s a way through the website since both the CLI and web interface exclusively use Cloudron’s REST API.